Are Dental Checkups Essential?

Dental Checkup

Are Dental Checkups Essential?

The recommended time frame to receive a dental checkup is every six months. But is it really necessary to get a dental checkup this often? Or, should you schedule checkups more than twice a year? Dr. Jeffrey Clark at Scottsdale Dental Excellence believes in regular checkups. In this blog post he explains why you should get into the dentist chair at least every six months.

Why Every Six Months?

More than fifty years ago there was a need to set standards for preventive dental care. As a result, dental and health organizations began recommending regular dental cleanings twice each year. Their motivation came from the understanding that cavities and gum disease are preventable. Today, we still see that two visits a year is a good rule to live by for maintaining oral health.

But even though getting a checkup every six months is a great rule of thumb, dental checkups should really be based upon an individual’s oral hygiene, habits, and medical conditions.

Many oral health diseases develop over time and don’t show symptoms until they’ve reached advanced stages. Diseases like gingivitis, gum disease, or even oral cancer, could be treated or prevented if discovered by a dentist before they get to advanced stages.

Schedule Your Checkup

In order to maintain great dental health, we recommend scheduling a regular dental checkup and cleaning at least every six months. But don’t be afraid to schedule appointments more often, based on your own oral health needs. Contact us at Scottsdale Dental Excellence, your North Scottsdale Dentist, to schedule your checkup today!