The Benefits of a Spear-Trained Dentist

Dentists who continue their education with Spear are better able to serve their patients through the use of the latest dental technologies and procedures.

Spear is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, but recognized around the world for the education it provides to dentists. Dental professionals can continue their education through Spear by attending classes, workshops, and seminars on campus, as well as taking advantage of online training. Spear provides a multi-platform curriculum, and dentists can enhance their existing skills as well as learn new ones.

Frank M. Spear, DDS, founded Spear in 2007 in order to help dentists and their support teams achieve excellence in dentistry. In just more than a decade, the organization has evolved into one of the leading educational avenues for dental professionals. It is recognized for its comprehensive and innovative training, support, and resources that help dentists better care for patients by teaching those dentists and their support staff the latest dental techniques, therapies, and technologies.

Spear-trained dentists are prepared to do much more than identify a problem and correct it. Dental issues are often symptoms. A cavity, for instance, may be caused by acid erosion due to gastroesophageal reflux, and your Spear-trained dentist will work to diagnose, understand and treat that underlying cause rather than just treat the symptom and send you on your way.

Your body is a system. Each tooth, muscle, and even disease is intertwined. Traditional dentistry would often examine a tooth as if it were independent. A Spear-trained dentist assesses and treats the system. This is invaluable not just to your oral health but to your longevity and the quality of life you enjoy as you grow older. Spear-trained dentists are often integral to making initial diagnoses of potentially serious health issues and referring their patients to the appropriate specialists.

Jeffrey D. Clark, DDS, Continues His Education With Spear

Dr. Clark has been a leading cosmetic dentist for more than 25 years. During that time, he has been committed to ongoing education for himself, his team, and other dental professionals. Dr. Clark regularly attends classes as well as mentors other dentists at the Spear Institute, which is just a few miles from his practice in North Scottsdale. The training Dr. Clark has received through Spear has allowed his patients to benefit from the most leading-edge restorative and cosmetic dental procedures available. These include dental implants, Invisalign orthodontics, CEREC same-day crowns, sleep apnea treatment, TMJ dysfunction therapies, and much more.

Benefit From a Spear-Educated Dentist

When you choose a Spear-trained dentist, you are ensuring that you receive the highest level of dental care possible. Jeffrey D. Clark, DDS, is among the most respected and experienced dentists in Arizona, and that has a lot to do with his commitment to continuing education. You deserve a dentist who is that dedicated to your long-term well-being. Schedule your initial examination with Dr. Clark at Scottsdale Cosmetic Dentistry Excellence by calling us at 480 585 1853.

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