Benefits of Choosing an FAGD Dentist

Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry is a prestigious award. Choosing an FAGD dentist ensures that you are selecting one of the best dentists in his or her field.

The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) is a leading professional association for American and Canadian dentists. The AGD is committed to bettering dentists through ongoing education. It requires all members to remain current with the latest innovations in dental medicine.

Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry (FAGD) is a special status that an AGD member can achieve. According to AGD statistics, only 6 percent of dentists in North America have earned the FAGD designation. An FAGD dentist has not only been dedicated to ongoing education and excellence in patient care but has proven to be a leader and set a great example for other dentists. These dentists are also active in their communities in regard to oral health awareness but other endeavors too.

How does a dentist become a Fellow?

A dentist must pursue the AGD Fellowship Award. It requires a minimum of 500 credit hours earned by completing approved courses. An AGD member must also be a member in good standing for five continuous years. Once those conditions are met, the dentist must pass a comprehensive 400-question dental examination. Pursuing this honor has the added benefit of a focused education for the dentist.

What sets an FAGD dentist apart from other dentists?

Not all dentists are dedicated to lifelong education. FAGD dentists have demonstrated that they are and want to be able to diagnose and treat their patients in the most innovative ways possible. The award symbolizes professional responsibility. It also serves as motivation. All AGD members want to earn the FAGD and later the MAGD (Master of the Academy of General Dentistry), so it keeps them focused on learning new techniques. This honor is not the same as a degree or certification, but the AGD Council on Dental Education ensures that each dentist recognized in this manner has maintained the high standards of the AGD.

How many dentists have AGD Fellow status?

As of this writing, about 10,000 dentists have earned the FAGD designation. That accounts for about 6 percent of all general dentists in the United States and Canada. The AGD is proud of all members since membership requires 75 credit hours of dental education every three years, and it is especially proud of the members who have been dedicated enough to pursue this higher honor. The Fellowship Award is an assurance that a dentist is prepared and dedicated to providing the finest dental care possible.

Meet Dr. Jeff Clark—AGD Fellow

Jeffrey D. Clark, DDS, FAGD, earned his Fellowship Award in 2008 and joined a small, distinguished group of dentists who have earned this honor. This award symbolizes Dr. Clark’s commitment to a dental education long after having graduated dental school. Dr. Clark’s pursuit of continuing education did not end with this award. He has completed more than 1,500 credit hours of post-graduate dental education at leading institutions: Loma Linda, UCLA, and the world-renowned Spear Education Center. The Spear campus is located in Scottsdale, and Dr. Clark regularly attends both as a student and a mentor.

Choose a Dentist Committed to Your Health

You deserve the best dental care possible and a dentist who is committed to your long-term well-being. FAGD accreditation says a lot about who a dentist is. Dr. Jeff cares about his patients and does everything he can to ensure their health and beautiful smiles. Schedule your first checkup with Jeffrey D. Clark, DDS. Call Scottsdale Dental Excellence at 480 585 1853 to book that appointment.

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