Scottsdale Is Among the Healthiest Cities in the U.S.

Scottsdale has been recognized as one of the healthiest cities in America and scored particularly well in the fitness category.

Scottsdale has made nationwide news by being ranked number one for job market strength, and now, the city is doing it again, but this time from a health perspective. WalletHub published its “Healthiest Places to Live in the U.S.” report and included Scottsdale in the top 10!

The report ranked cities based on four criteria: health care, fitness, green space, and food. San Francisco came in at the top spot, but what is perhaps most interesting about Scottsdale is that it came in at number two for fitness, number 11 overall for health care, and 18 for green space. Those scores were then combined to achieve a total score, which was used to rank Scottsdale at number 9 overall.

The fitness metric, where Scottsdale particularly excelled, assessed overall physical fitness. Criteria included the percentage of adults who were physically active, the number of fitness centers relative to the population, and the number of fitness trainers to which people had access.

Health care, the other bright spot for Scottsdale, had 25 criteria that encompassed mental health, premature deaths, insurance coverage, and dental care. Dental care is often a focal point of such studies of late as the correlation between oral health, and overall health becomes better understood.

Scottsdale scored quite well in regard to dental insurance, premier dental practices like Scottsdale Dental Excellence, and the number of people who see a dentist regularly. Regular dental visits are imperative because dentists have opportunities to assess overall health in a way other doctors do not.

There has been significant research recently indicating that oral health is an effective mirror of your overall physical well-being. Not only can dentists identify diseases and other conditions, but they can determine if you are at risk of various chronic diseases so that you can take precautions.

Research also indicates that good oral health can actually stave off certain diseases.

The Academy of General Dentistry has demonstrated a link between periodontal disease and strokes, heart attacks, and other health complications. Gum disease in women has also been linked to a greater likelihood of babies being pre-term and having low body weight. Other research shows that a vast majority of systemic disease may manifest in the mouth. These diseases include:

  • Diabetes
  • Leukemia
  • Heart disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Pancreatic cancer

A regular visit with a dentist can often be the first step in diagnosing such health problems.

People who do not take care of their teeth and gums put themselves at serious risk. In addition to oral and facial pain, these risks include problems with the heart and other organs and issues with digestion. The Office of the Surgeon General warns that more than 75 percent of Americans have gingivitis.

Infections in the mouth can affect all of your organs. These infections can lead to heart disease. If bad oral health affects digestion, it can create a nasty cycle because your digestive system flushes impurities. If it is not working as well as it should, then this can have a negative systemic effect on your body.

Your Options

See a dentist at least twice a year. If you have periodontal disease, your dentist may recommend as many as four visits a year to keep that disease in check. Dental exams can reveal numerous problems, including poor nutrition. Listen to your dentist, and seek the care you need.

You will also need to practice good oral hygiene at home:

  • Brush twice daily for at least two minutes each time
  • Use a fluoridated toothpaste
  • Floss daily to remove plaque brushing cannot reach
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet
  • Vitamins A and C are particularly important to oral health
  • Avoid cigarettes and chewing tobacco

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