A Dental Savings Plan: Save Money and Your Teeth

A dental savings plan can save you money as a complement to your dental insurance or even if you have no other coverage at all.

Whether visiting a doctor for a routine checkup or a major procedure, most people expect their insurance to pick up most if not all of the bill. Most people are medically insured, whether through employee benefits, a state plan, or Medicare. This is not the case with dental coverage. More than 25 percent of Americans lack any kind of dental insurance at all, and researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that only 12 percent of seniors are covered since Medicare lacks such benefits.

Even among those who have dental insurance, it often does not function as their medical insurance does. Common dental insurance policies often cap annual benefits, assign waiting periods to certain procedures, and offer limited or no reimbursement on some rather common treatments. It is certainly better than having no protection at all, but it is hardly ideal.

This reality is the main reason dental savings plans have emerged as an alternative and are becoming increasingly popular. These plans function via a warehouse club model. Think Sam’s Club or Costco. You pay a periodic membership fee, and in return, you receive discounts on the dental care you require from any dentist who participates in that plan. Many of these plans can deliver big savings.

How a Dental Savings Plan Works

Traditional insurance was designed to protect the individual from a large unexpected expense by distributing that risk across a group. The main reason that traditional model fails when it comes to dental care is that these expenses are not unexpected, and most people in the group will incur them. This is the reason dental insurance will often cover the biannual checkups in full but will limit your annual reimbursement and provide no reimbursement at all on certain procedures, such as implants.

Dental savings plans are effective because they employ a model appropriate for dental care. Traditional insurance is predicated on you not taking advantage of the full benefits. A dental savings plan, on the other hand, is established with the expectation that you will take advantage of the full benefits. When Costco sells you a membership, it fully expects that membership to pay for itself. The membership fee covers administrative costs, and participating dentists offer reduced rates for increased business.

Dental savings plans were first offered by individual dentists, dentists who had joined together, health service organizations, and even businesses seeking to compete with traditional insurers with a product that was more attractive. These plans were so effective for all parties involved that even most insurance companies now offer them. Even a practice-specific plan can save you greatly on routine checkups, teeth whitening, and even crowns. A larger plan can as well as but will offer you more dentists.

It is important to read the fine print before you sign on the dotted line. Not all plans are the same. Differences will include signup fees, periodic fees, and discounts for particular services. You need to find the plan ideal for you and your family. Do that, and the savings will be substantial.

Benefits of a Dental Savings Plan

Using an insurance policy can be a hassle. Most dental savings plans are designed to remove as many barriers—such as exclusions and filling out forms—as possible. Most plans do not require approval, can be joined without much paperwork, and give you access to all discounted procedures on day one. Generally, you will know what your fee schedule is for all covered treatments up front. Most plans even cover cosmetic procedures, such as whitening, and restorative procedures, such as root canal therapies.

The value of no waiting period cannot be overstated. Dental insurance policies can have a waiting period of six months or even a year for major procedures. With a dental savings plan, you can join that plan as a reaction to your dentist advising a major procedure. In many cases, your dentist can even help you choose the best plan for you based on the treatments you will need going forward.

How Do You Save?

It depends on the plan, the dentist you choose, and the treatments you need or want. The typical plan advertises a 10-60 percent discount depending on the procedure. The average plan member saves 25 to 45 percent. What you pay for a particular treatment will depend on your region and whether outside dental labs and suppliers are required. Be mindful that you can combine a dental savings plan with insurance. If you get dental coverage through work, for instance, you can save even more.

Lower Your Dental Costs With Our Dental Savings Plan

If you live in Scottsdale or one of the neighboring communities, Scottsdale Cosmetic Dentistry Excellence offers an in-office dental savings plan that can help you save big. The plan is appropriate for individuals, couples, and entire families and has a low membership premium. Better yet, this plan applies to all treatments offered by Dr. Clark, including cosmetic procedures and Invisalign orthodontics. With our savings plan, there are:

  • No limits at all
  • No deductible
  • No waiting periods
  • No pre-authorizations
  • Just affordable dental care

For more information about the Scottsdale Cosmetic Dentistry Excellence dental savings plan, please visit the dental savings plan webpage on our website.

Spend Less for Superior Dental Care

Whether you currently have dental insurance or are uninsured, a dental savings plan is the best way to limit your expenses. The dental savings plan offered at Scottsdale Cosmetic Dentistry Excellence is particularly beneficial. Dr. Clark is very proud of a plan that makes it more practical for his patients to get the care they need and is a great option for individuals and families alike. You deserve exceptional dental care at a great price, so schedule your appointment with Dr. Clark today by calling us at 480 585 1853.

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