Scottsdale: A Great Place to Live

Scottsdale is a wonderful place to live because it is a perfect spot to raise a family, succeed in business, and enjoy local amenities, including a thriving restaurant scene.

Scottsdale, Arizona, is home to more than 240,000 people, and that places it among the 10 largest cities in the state. The city has earned nationwide recognition for job growth and its overall economy. This is a community that embraces friendliness and really cares about the success of its citizens and local businesses. In fact, local efforts to support businesses have earned it recognition not only as one of the best places to live in the U.S. but one of the best places to launch a startup. Its management is a model for other cities, and compared to nationwide averages, taxes remain low for people and businesses.

Scottsdale is also known for its tourism and welcomes more than nine million guests each year, which makes it a $3.7 billion industry. The city has some of the finest dining and shopping in Arizona as well as award-winning resorts, celebrated art galleries, famous hiking trails, and much more. While many visit for the natural beauty of the Sonoran Desert as well as the local art, sports, and special events, the area offers a lot more to those who call it home. Scottsdale boasts exceptional recreational amenities and has grown into a global destination for business. Many people from all walks of life have chosen Scottsdale due to its commitment to a high quality of life for the people who live there. Living options range from family neighborhoods to urban residences to high-end estates.

Small and large businesses alike can have great success thanks to an impressive talent pool, networking opportunities, educational programming, and so forth. There are more than 25,000 businesses in the area, and 20 percent of all corporate headquarters in the state are located right here in Scottsdale. The software industry is particularly successful. More than 90 percent of local software companies are experiencing growth, and experts expect 10 percent more growth for the industry over the next five years. Other successful industries include finance, insurance, real estate, and food services.

These are all great reasons to choose Scottsdale. Here are some more:

  • Home to some of the best educational performance in the country
  • Scottsdale is environmentally conscious and also financially sustainable
  • Among the top 10 U.S. cities for low disaster risk
  • Lower than the average cost of living and higher quality of life
  • Two airports provide access to domestic and international markets
  • All major bond rating agencies rank Scottsdale as number one
  • The Central Arizona Project ensures clean water throughout the region

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