How Your Perfect Smile Can Make You Look Younger

A smile makeover can de-age your appearance by restoring your facial structure and reducing wrinkles.

Many people are concerned with how their looks change as they age. People aiming to turn back the clock infuse the cosmetics industry with billions every year. It is not uncommon to fret over gray hair, that latest wrinkle, or your skin complexion. But many people overlook their teeth, which is an area where the signs of age first crop up and a target that can really make a difference in de-aging your look.

Consider that your smile is integral to the first impressions you make and often the first aspect that a stranger notices about you. Even subconsciously, people observe your smile and your teeth in particular and make judgments about your age and lifestyle. Research has shown that yellowed and damaged teeth cause people to perceive you as being older than you actually are. If you are missing teeth, matters are worse. Your face actually changes shape and is more prone to wrinkles and sunken eyes.

Your Smile: The Basics

A beautiful smile starts at home with routine oral hygiene. The American Dental Association recommends brushing with fluoride toothpaste two times a day for at least two minutes each session. You should also floss once a day. Support your at-home care with biannual visits to your dentist. Your dentist or dental hygienist will clean any plaque—or tartar—you missed, and your dentist will perform a comprehensive examination of your oral health. This, alone, will help you to look younger.

Yellowing of Your Teeth as You Age

The enamel of your teeth will become discolored over time. This may be natural wearing of the enamel, which exposes the yellowish dentin beneath. It may also be due to the accumulated staining from beverages you drink, such as coffee and wine, and foods you eat, such as tomato sauce and citrus fruits.

The brighter your white, the younger you look. The good news is that you can usually overcome such discoloration through in-office teeth whitening treatments. Your dentist can also prescribe at-home treatments you can use to enhance and preserve the results. There are over-the-counter options as well, but when used without the guidance of a dentist, they tend not to be as effective, can cost you more in the end, and can actually lead to sensitive teeth and other dental issues.

Chewing and Grinding

Years of chewing will wear down your teeth, and there are corrective options available, but the damage is exacerbated for many older people due to bruxism. Bruxism is grinding of the teeth while you sleep, and many people affected do not even realize it. Your dentist can determine if teeth grinding is an issue. If it is, your dentist can prescribe a custom-fit night guard, which will stop the grinding, result in a better night’s sleep and help you feel fresher and more vibrant. Feel younger. Look younger.

Porcelain Veneers

Modern porcelain veneers are an affordable and simple option that cannot only improve the appearance of otherwise sound teeth but correct structural issues and overcome the damage. Each porcelain wafer is ultrathin and personalized to your mouth and smile aesthetic. Once in place, these veneers look just like real teeth and will let you smile with confidence.

Smile More

Research shows that the more you smile, the younger you look. Smiling also helps to create better first impressions because it triggers the reward system in the brains of the people you meet. If you have a smile that makes you proud, then you will smile often and without even thinking about it. Just doing that will make people see you as more youthful and as someone who has a zest for life.

Look Younger

Perfect your teeth and enjoy a smile that makes you proud and makes you look younger. Jeffrey D. Clark, DDS, and his team at Scottsdale Cosmetic Dentistry Excellence specialize in smile makeovers. Each plan is unique to the patient, and in addition to a cleaning and comprehensive evaluation, your plan can include teeth whitening, a custom bite guard, porcelain veneers, dental implants, and much more. Call us today at 480 585 1853 to schedule your smile makeover consultation with Dr. Clark.

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