The Top Three Advantages of CEREC Same-Day Crowns

CEREC same-day crowns have greatly improved the patient experience because they require just a single visit and have eliminated the need for a temporary crown.

Dental crowns are among the most common cosmetic dental treatments because they are an effective way to restore the appearance and function of a tooth even if that tooth is badly decayed or damaged. CEREC same-day crowns are an even better option. Unlike traditional crowns, which have to be created at an off-site lab and shipped to your dentist, CEREC same-day crowns are made in the office while you wait and placed that same visit. CEREC stands for Chairside Economic Restorations of Esthetic Ceramics, and the same-day crown is just one way that CEREC technologies are reshaping modern dentistry.

CEREC same-day crowns provide many benefits over traditional crowns. Let us explore the top three:

1. Just One Visit

You need just one dental visit to have a CEREC same-day restoration performed. In fact, it is not unusual for patients to come in the early afternoon, have their crowns made and placed, and return to work that very next day. Traditional crowns require two visits, and that second visit is usually about three weeks removed from the first in order to account for manufacturing and shipping.

Preparation of your tooth and taking of digital impressions will be similar whether you opt for a CEREC or standard crown, but then the experience is quite different. Those impressions are inputted into a CAD system that creates a 3D model of your crown and allows your dentist to adjust it as needed. Once the model is perfected, it is transmitted to a milling machine that is right there in the office. Manufacturing of a single tooth takes about 20 minutes, so an entire appointment usually takes less than an hour.

2. Natural Appearance

Each crown is milled from a block of ceramic that your dentist has specifically chosen based on the natural color of your teeth. Traditional porcelain over metal crowns look reasonably natural, but there will always be a thin band of metal visible near the gumline. CEREC same-day crowns are milled entirely from a block of ceramic. This lets them mimic an actual tooth without any imperfections at all.

3. Strength and Longevity

All CEREC crowns are fabricated from a dental ceramic that is strong, durable, and resistant to stains. The average CEREC same-day crown lasts 10 to 15 years, but your crown can last much longer than that with proper care. The in-office CAD technology ensures a more precise fit than what off-site labs are usually able to achieve. The ceramic, which is biocompatible, is chemically bonded to the tooth, which is why CEREC same-day crowns have better strength—by about 18 percent—than standard crowns. There is also never any need to wear a loose temporary crown as there is with traditional crowns.

Strengthen Your Smile With a CEREC Same-Day Crown

CEREC same-day crowns are an effective, convenient, and affordable way to restore the beauty and function of your smile. Jeffrey D. Clark, DDS, is a premier cosmetic dentist in Scottsdale who has substantial experience designing, fabricating, and installing CEREC same-day restorations. If you think same-day crowns may be a good option for you, schedule a consultation today. You can book that appointment at Scottsdale Cosmetic Dentistry Excellence by calling us at 480 585 1853.

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