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Dr. Jeffrey Clark and Dr. Joe Meranfar have joined together and are now offering the latest technology that approaches the implant process in a new revolutionary way.  Most dental implants are placed at another dentist office and the crown/abutment is completed by the general dentist sometimes with a less than ideal position.  This can result in a less than perfect fit and could compromise the longevity of the implant.  With our new computerized digital technology we can combining our Galileo’s 3D imaging (cone beam) and CEREC (digital scanning) technology to plan in advance how your implant will be positioned with precision based on where the final restoration (crown) will have the most optimal fit. From that information a custom Surgical Guide can be milled/fabricated right in our office which guides the preparation and placement of the implant in the mouth exactly as planned.


And for your convenience, all work is completed in our office where Dr. Jeff and Dr. Joe are able to work together to utilize this technology for the most precise placement of your implant and crown.

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental Implants are artificial tooth root replacements usually made from biocompatible Titanium which are placed into the bone providing support for a crown restoration in a missing tooth area.  An abutment is connected in between the implant and crown restoration with a titanium screw.  With our newest CBCT technology, when planning the placement of the implant, a surgical guide is fabricated with our CEREC digital scan to help guide the placement to our desired position.  The implant replicates the missing tooth root and ensures that your restoration is stable and strong.  The bone then integrates with the implant during a period of healing, and finally a crown is milled with CEREC  and is placed on the implant abutment complex to complete the restoration.

Dr. Jeffrey Clark and Dr. Joe Mehranfar are dedicated to providing you with the best possible care and results with over 40 years of combined experience and knowledge placing implants in the Phoenix area.  See “About Us” for more information about Dr. Joe Mehranfar.

Are dental implants right for me?

With a success rate of over 98%, dental implants are considered the primary choice for restoring a missing tooth.  There are, however, certain risk factors that should be considered.  Dr. Jeffrey D. Clark will carefully evaluate your medical and oral health history to determine the right option for your unique case.

For more information on the advantages of implant dentistry, and to schedule your consultation, we welcome you to contact Scottsdale Dental Excellence today!


Amazing place that works magic! The office is high tech with a sleek modern decor. All the equipment is new and state of the art. The entire staff is friendly and professional. All appointments *never* delayed; every one was right on time. My Invisalign results were perfect.What a wonderful office! What a wonderful experience!

Jerry B

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