Choosing a Private or Corporate Dentist in Scottsdale

Private dental practices allow for relationships and personalized care that corporate offices cannot.

A corporate approach has allowed for some of the most influential and prestigious organizations in the world. Our globalized economy has facilitated massive business entities that threaten the existence of local small businesses, such as restaurants, groceries and hardware shops. More often than not, these stories do not end in a David and Goliath triumph. Health care is one area where winners and losers have not been so clear cut. Scottsdale Cosmetic Dentistry Excellence is a prime example of a private practice that has managed to excel despite pressure exerted on it from competition that is much larger in scale.

While dental offices have traditionally been private practices operated by individual dentists like Jeffrey D. Clark, DDS, that has begun to change to some degree. Large corporate dental clinics have started to spring up in Scottsdale and in other metropolitan areas throughout the U.S. This is perhaps an expected evolution of the industry but not one that patients should take for granted. There are a number of reasons why the private practice remains the superior choice.

Time for Patients

Scottsdale Cosmetic Dentistry Excellence does not seek to cram as many patients as possible into our schedule each day. In fact, we prefer a lighter schedule in which each patient receives the individualized care that he or she needs. If a patient requires some additional information, we can then take the time to provide it without concern that we may infringe on the time of the next patient. This is a small but integral component of building a long-term relationship that benefits our patients for years to come.

Private practices excel by investing in each patient in this careful and meticulous manner. Ensuring that you appreciate all of the care options available to you may result in appointments that run a bit longer than average, but that is time well spent for both the patient and the practice. We even have time to discuss your brushing and flossing techniques, which toothpaste you are buying and whether you are choosing bristles that are too soft or too hard.

These things are not true of a corporate dental office. The corporate entities achieve success through sheer volume. The goal is to provide the care you need but to do so in the most efficient manner possible so that they can get you out of the chair and the next person into it. It is not hyperbole to say that these practices are run much like a production line. In fact, they even use similar software to ensure that the schedule is maximized and that each cog in the machine is generating the necessary profit.

Long-term relationships suffer. It would be unfair to say that the individual dentists and support staff do not care. Most do, but they are limited by being an employee of the system in which they operate. Dentists working for corporate entities have to meet numerous obligations, such as hours fulfilled, number of procedures performed and so forth. Scenarios occur in which a particular procedure is more profitable to the corporation and thus the one emphasized despite what actually may be the best treatment for the patient. It is not surprising that satisfaction rates among patients who go to corporate dental offices are lower and that these people tend to feel more disconnected from and experience more anxiety about their dental care.


Jeffrey D. Clark, DDS has lived and raised his family in Scottsdale for over 20 years. This is a community he cares deeply about, and his patients are also his neighbors. We believe that connection is invaluable and often unavailable in a corporate environment. Many corporate dental offices do not even guarantee that you will see the same dentist each time, and if a dentist needs to go on vacation, they will often rotate in another dentist from another city or a different state entirely. At our practice, you will build a relationship with Dr. Clark and our oral hygienists, receptionists, and other support staff.

True Appreciation for a Patient’s History

The team at Scottsdale Cosmetic Dentistry Excellence knows you by name. Your patient history is more than just an official document that lists facts. It is a timeline in which we have participated and are invested. We can improve your experience with each visit, and there have been times we have identified a dental problem that was not isolated to an individual but affecting his or her entire family. When we have patients who experience dental anxieties, we know exactly how to put them at ease. This kind of attention to detail is not common and certainly not likely in a corporate environment.

Emergency Dental Care

Jeffrey D. Clark, DDS is a local dentist who cares about his patients, which means that you can get the emergency care you need faster. If you have a child that falls and damages his or her teeth, Dr. Clark will meet you at the office to assess the damage and help you determine how to proceed. A corporate dental office is unlikely to open its doors for you on the weekend and will tell you to wait until Monday, but there are situations where that delay will make the difference between saving the tooth or not.

Dental Experience

Corporate dental offices often fill their ranks with dentists who have just graduated. Everyone needs to start somewhere, but these young dentists lack real-world experience and often have nowhere to turn for guidance. They are learning on the job. Dr. Clark was a young dentist once too. But he had a network of trusted and valued colleagues to learn from, and in the years since, he has continued his education and become one of the most accomplished dentists in the region.


Scottsdale Cosmetic Dentistry Excellence is a business too. We all need to feed our families and want to strive for the nicer things in life. But there is a difference between working hard to be successful and putting your wants above the needs of others, and that is where corporate entities often come up short. Corporate practices are driven by the bottom line, which is why there is such a problem in the corporate space when it comes to overdiagnoses, unnecessary and excessive procedures and even dental fraud. Patients who go to corporate dental practices actually spend more out of pocket on average than patients who go to private practices. Dr. Clark values you as both a patient and a customer. He appreciates the value of your dollar and will work with you to ensure that dental care is not only appropriate but affordable.

Meticulous and Personalized Dental Care

Corporate dental practices are becoming prevalent in Scottsdale and throughout the United States. While corporate entities do have some inherent advantages, their size and scope often make it impossible for them to deliver the kind of patient-centric care on which Jeffrey D. Clark, DDS prides himself. You deserve a dentist whom you can build a relationship with and who will plan your dental care and treatments within the context of your unique oral health. This is precisely the kind of care you will receive at Scottsdale Cosmetic Dentistry Excellence. Call us today at 480.585.1853 to learn more.

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