Interested in Healthy Living? Consider Calling Top-Rated Scottsdale Home

Scottsdale is recognized not just as the best place to live in Arizona but in the United States!

Healthy living is a hot topic for numerous Americans these days, with many focusing on maintaining a healthy weight, exercising consistently, and reaching for a high quality of life without chronic diseases. Those who take healthy living seriously may want to consider a move to Scottsdale, a newly ranked city for amazingly healthy living.

Scottsdale has already received top scores in other categories, including a recent top ranking for its job market. On February 11, 2019, it also received a number nine spot in the list of “Healthiest Places to Live in the U.S.” as published by Wallet Hub.

This determination was made after a Washington D.C.-based service made a thorough review of over 170 cities located across the United States. The survey particularly looked at the areas of health care, food, fitness, and green spaces to determine how easy it was to be healthy in each particular city.

San Francisco ranked number one with the best possible ratings in food and green spaces, with Seattle and San Diego following close behind it. However, these three cities did not do as well in the health care rankings, with none of them coming into the top 20 spots in this category.

Scottsdale Offers Great Health Care and Fitness Options

Scottsdale actually surpassed all of the preceding cities in the health care category, ranking number 12 in this area. It also received the top ranking in fitness and the number 19 ranking in green spaces bringing it easily into the top 10 healthiest places to live in the United States. Falling below it were such cities as Irvine, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles, with Laredo, TX, and Brownsville, TX, coming in last.

With the number one spot in fitness, Scottsdale proves that it has great options for regular exercise, including plenty of fitness and weight loss centers as well as numerous fitness trainers and exercise class instructors based on the number of people living here. Also, a high percentage of adults living in Scottsdale exercise regularly.

Of course, complete health is comprised of more than just fitness and a lack of chronic disease. While exercise can improve one’s cardiovascular and respiratory health, it can keep excess weight off and can keep bones and muscles strong. Full health only comes when one takes care of every part of his body. In fact, the entire body is often impacted when even a small part is unhealthy. A good example of this is oral health.

Dental Health Highly Affects Full Body Health

Regular dental visits are vital for good oral health. However, this type of preventative care does more than just keep cavities away and prevent gum disease. Twice-yearly dental checkups actually help one’s dentist discover oral symptoms that could put a patient at risk of certain chronic diseases.

Although the mouth is a very small part of one’s body, it can set the tone for overall health. When the mouth is healthy, the rest of the body is often healthy as well, and chronic diseases may be stopped in their tracks. Of course, the opposite is also true.

One of the most concerning and common dental issues is gum disease, also called periodontal disease, which nearly three out of every four Americans have. The Academy of General Dentistry states that there is a direct correlation between gum disease and various cardiovascular diseases, including strokes and heart disease. In particular, bacteria from unhealthy teeth and gums can travel to the valves in the heart, sometimes leading to bacterial endocarditis.

Poor oral health can also lead to other widespread problems, such as oral and facial pain, tooth loss, irritable bowel syndrome, and other issues with the digestive system. Gum disease can put pregnant women at high risk of having preterm births. Many other diseases have their roots in such oral conditions as mouth ulcers, dry mouth, and periodontitis. Some examples include the following:

  • Oral cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Leukemia
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney disease

Regular Dental Care Is a Must

Thankfully, there is a simple way to combat these issues. Regular dental examinations and teeth cleanings allow one’s dentist to notice problems before they become major and give the dentist a chance to provide quality education about dental hygiene. Dentists can also quickly notice other problems that could affect speech and eating habits, such as jaw dysfunction, malocclusion, and plaque buildup.

In addition, individuals can practice excellent oral hygiene habits at home to prevent chronic disease.

  • Brush for two minutes at least two times per day with a toothpaste containing fluoride.
  • Floss every day.
  • Eat a nutritious diet.
  • Stop smoking or using tobacco to prevent periodontal disease and cancer.
  • Schedule dental appointments twice per year.

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